About JetPilotUSA

Pilot Tested, Pilot Approved.

Hello. Welcome to JetPilotUSA. Our site was specifically created for you, the professional pilot.

We’re Pete & Patty, founders and operators of JetPilotUSA. I’m a pilot, with over 30 years of flying experience, working hand in hand with my wife, Patty, to provide you with the best flying tools for the remainder of your career. I currently fly for a major U.S. Airline, and I’m a retired military pilot. I’ve been fortunate enough to have flown the 727, 737, MD88, KC-135, C-130 and currently the Airbus 321.

I’m familiar with both the high-quality pilot products having exceptional warranties, and also the lower quality products, with lackluster warranties. The specific purpose of our site is to navigate you – the professional pilot - to the exceptional pilot products having exceptional warranties, tested and approved by us pilots. Hence our motto: pilot tested, pilot approved.

So, we’ve been doing something much different here at JetPilotUSA: carrying only the highest quality pilot products with the best warranties in the industry. And being an online store affords us the flexibility to provide you with great prices (You know how us pilots like that).

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or recommendations.  orders@jetpilotusa.com

(We’re currently upgrading our site, so not all of our products are posted yet.)

Thanks again for stopping by JetPilotUSA.

- Pete & Patty